Alto-Shaam 500-TH/DX Cook & Hold Oven

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External Dimensions: 459mm W x 724mm D x 708mm H

Power: 2.8kW

5x 1/1 GN 65mm

Product Capacity: 18kg

Deluxe Controls

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Product Details

External Dimensions: 459mm W x 724mm D x 708mm H

Power: 2.8kW

5x 1/1 GN 65mm

Product Capacity: 18kg

Deluxe Controls

Engineered for overnight success and maximum return on investment.

Halo Heat - Higher Yields. Better food quality.


Cost Savings:

Increase productivity. Provide a better distribution of workloads and relieve multiple pieces of equipment. Roast, proof, braise, reheat, ferment, sous-vide, hold and more in the same cabinet.

Place anywhere with ventless design. No oven hood or outside venting required. Waterless design reduces installation operating costs.

Natural meat tenderisation. Halo Heat Technology delivers a moist, tender product. Make the most of less expensive, underutilised cuts of meat and produce a better quality product.


Purposeful Design:

Removable food probes. Designed to improve safety and be easily replaced, providing greater reliability and reducing oven downtime.

In-door lighting. Put product on display with a glass door option and in-door, adjustable LED lighting.

Easy to clean. Simply remove shelves and wipe clean. No moving parts or water in the oven makes cleaning effortless.


Features a low-density, unique thermal cable that is wrapped around the sides and bottom of the oven cavity.

Gentle heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven cavity.

Unique thermal cable emits even temperature and pulses on and off throughout the cooking and holding process.

No water needed. Food retains its natural moisture.

No fans, added humidity or harsh heating elements to degrade food quality.

Sealed, static cooking environment traps natural flavour and juices, reducing shrink, improving food quality and extending hold life.

Controllable precise temperatures with minimal intensity made possible by the unique thermal cable, leaving food full of moisture and flavour.


Cook by time or probe. Probes sense internal product temperature and automatically convert oven from cook mode to hold mode once parameters have been reached.

Halo Heat technology honours every cut of meat from end to end - providing a better quality product at a lower cost. One hour in the Cook & Hold Oven is equivalent to 1-2 days of dry ageing.

A ventless waterless design. Lower costs with energy-efficient operation and no water hookups or traditional kitchen hood required.

Labour-free, overnight cooking and effortless operation reduces labour costs and increases productivity.

Advanced controls - designed intentionally simple - feature an intuitive, user-friendly interface and programmable recipes to ensure consistency with each cook.


Deluxe models also include:

ChefLinc remote oven management system provides operators complete control of their ovens, menus and business with real-time data at their fingertips. Operators can seamlessly create, manage and distribute recipes to ovens in multiple locations through the cloud.

HACCP data logger automatically tracks food temperature readings and operation mode by date and time - all downloadable onto a USB flash drive.

SureTemp heat recovery system assures immediate compensation for any heat loss whenever the oven door is opened and provides an audible reminder if the door is left open for more than three minutes.

Demos and training available - please contact us for details


1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty. Lifetime warranty on cook & hold elements for original purchaser

Please note that all products are shipped directly from the manufacturer / supplier so contact us if you wish to check on stock availability


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