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Lainox Naboo NAEB171R Electric Combination Oven


£14,047.00 inc VAT/£11,705.83 ex VAT

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External Dimensions: 930mm W x 825mm D x 1925mm H

Capacity: 7x 1/1 GN + 10x 1/1 GN

Power: 26.5kW 3N AC 400

2 Years Warranty (4 Years on Electronic Parts)

Will require Combiclean Alkaline Cleanser and CALFREE Anti-Scale Detergents

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Product Details

External Dimensions: 930mm W x 825mm D x 1925mm H

Capacity: 7x 1/1 GN + 10x 1/1 GN

Power: 26.5kW 3N AC 400


Distance Between Layers: 70mm

Number of Meals: 130 / 270

Automatic Washing System


Handshower (Built-in)

Multipoint Core Temperature Probe

10″ Colour HD Touch Screen Controls

Configurable home screen which allows the user to save their most popular recipes to the home screen for faster access

Unlimited recipe storage

Just in Time and Multilevel cooking modes allow the oven to be operating at a fuller capacity more often

Intelligent oven recognition – this is where the oven identifies the ceipes that can be cooked at the same parameters currently being used for a multilevel or just in time programme

Wifi connectivity – upload recipes from your PC or tablet, download recipes, videos and software updates from an online chef’s portal, remote servicing and fault diagnosis and ease of recipe sharing across multiple locations

Accessories include stands, condenser hoods, banqueting equipment, special trays and containers – please contact us for details

2 Years Warranty (4 Years on Electronic Parts)

The NAEB171R electric combination oven features an NAEB071R 7 shelf combi stacked on top of an NAEB101R 10 shelf model, all in one convenient unit. Each oven has it’s own 10″ full colour touch screen that is easy to use and can be configured to suit every kitchen’s requirements. Popular menu items can be placed onto the home screen so can be started with a single touch, while recipes can be organised in folders, making them easier to access for all users. The three cooking modes – convection, steam and combination – can be accessed directly from the home screen too, making it easy to start cooking quickly.  Multilevel cooking enables menu items with different cooking times to be cooked at the same temperature, with the oven’s intelligence able to identify other saved recipes that can also be cooked under these parameters.

Unlike traditional stacked models, the control panel for the bottom oven has been moved higher, locating it in a much more convenient position for the user.  The top shelf of the top oven is also significantly lower than traditional stacked models (1800mm), making it easier to reach and use the top oven to full capacity. An optional kit can be purchased which lowers the height of the top oven even more to 1600mm, but this will mean changing the number of shelves in the top oven from 7 to 6.

There are no limits to the number of cooking programmes that can be stored. Cooking advice and notes can be added to stored programmes. Images and photos can also be added to help quickly and easily identify dishes. these can be added from an extensive gallery of images or uploaded from USB.

The top oven has a capacity of 7 x 1/1 GN trays and the bottom 10 x 1/1 GN, both with 70mm between shelves. The unit is supplied with an automatic washing system and  has an inbuilt, retractable hand shower, making it easy to keep the oven chambers in optimum condition. The Calout Oven Protection System ensures the boiler is kept free from limescale, enabling performance to be maintained. The autowash and CALOUT systems for both ovens are served by one 10L container of detergent and one of descaler.

This unit can be connected to wifi, allowing users to upload / download recipes (both their own and from a dedicated chef’s portal which contains recipes and other useful information). This is an easy way to share recipes between different sites to ensure consistency across multiple outlets.  It also means that any maintenance / service issues regarding the control panel can be initially identified remotely, and in many cases, repaired remotely.

A multipoint core probe is supplied for each oven. Various accessories, as well as a condenser hood, are also available.

Lainox are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of combination ovens and the perfect complement to a Falcon horizontal cookline. Within the Lainox product offering are two main product brands – NABOO and SAPIENS, both of which include standard 1/1 GN capacity models, oversize 2/1 GN models and compact models, which although only 510mm wide have either 2/3 GN or 1/1 GN capacities.

Will require Combiclean Alkaline Cleanser and CALFREE Anti-Scale Detergents

Lead Time: 5-10 working days

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