HotmixPRO Gastro (12842) Thermal Mixer

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Product Details

Max Bowl Capacity: 2 L

Model code: 12842

RPM min / max: 0 - 12,000 rpm

Speeds: 26

Max continue work hours: 4

Temperature Range: 24°C to 190°C (374°F) with degree-by-degree temperature control

Heating Power: 800 W

Motor Power: 1,500 W

Max Total Power: 2,350 W

SD card: Yes

Body: Stainless Steel

Self-diagnostics information display, upload of new software programs via web;

Motor never under stress. The recipes are always completed, thanks to the dynamic system of the motor thermal protection. When the motor is too stressed, the software automatically stops it for few seconds, while all the other operating functions are still on. Then, it starts to work again. The stop and working time may vary depending on the effective temperature of the motor at that time.

An innovative multifunction machine, unique in their genre and thanks to the special blades, it can work as a mixer to emulsify liquids, or as a cutter to work on any solid ingredient. Along these functions, there is a heating system that allow to cook any product, mixing it at variable speeds, with temperatures between +24°C and + 190°C. Professional thermal mixer equipped with motor of 1500W. power - able to spin the blades from a minimum speed of 0 rpm to a maximum of 12,500 rpm - allows to grind, homogenise, emulsify, blend or mix in a short time any kind of food. Thanks to the 26 different speed of HotmixPRO, all the preparations carried out with a simple cutter - which normally never get above 3000 rpm - can now be achieved more quickly, without altering the characteristics and the physical and organoleptic qualities of the products.

The very high speeds will allow you to shorten the processing time and to reach a perfect refining level of the to satisfy every specific need. Always perfect results, no matter the initial quantities and temperatures of the ingredients, thanks to the special WT function (Wait Temperature), which allows the user to start the timer only when the selected temperature is reached. Continuous operation up to 4 hours. The standout feature of the HotmixPRO, is its ability to process any kind of food, such as creams, sauces, and jams, eliminating the many intermediate steps necessary when preparing recipes that require constant attention and repeated intervention to ensure a successful outcome. All the ingredients can be put into the bowl, and the expected result can be achieved easily, thanks to the degree by degree temperature control. Equipped with SD card with more than 400 recipes and chances to create your own recipe and store it on the SD card.


'Smoke' Smoker attachment available as an optional extra - cold smoker able to run the smoke through liquids.
The first Smoker of its kind! The HotmixPRO Smoke is a professional cold smoker able to run the smoke through liquids and it's compatible with every model of the HotmixPRO range.
HotmixPro Smoke transforms the recipes of your cafè and your kitchen in unique and inimitable creations.
Compatible with HotmixPRO Gastro, Combi & Dry. Through a simple connection available with each unit the HotmixPRO Smoke connects to any HotmixPRO device easily, providing room for creativity and experimentation.
Enrich food: Add flavours to the liquid and ice to infuse foods with beautiful and intriguing aromas.
HotmixPro Smoke is unique among the category of fast cold smokers - The cold smoke does not go upwards, so it remains in contact with the product. Furthermore, the smoking process at a low temperature prevents the development of bacteria and does not cook the product.
It is the first smoker of its category in which the smoke runs through a liquid. The smoke will not just be really cold (there is the possibility to add ice to the liquid chosen), it will also be enriched with the aromas taken from the liquid. The liquid itself will also be enriched with the aroma of the smoke that it has passed through, giving the chef the opportunity to reuse it in order to create new fantastic recipes.
Create a hot smoker - Easily connect to the HotmixPRO Dry to create a hot smoker with perfect control of the temperature.
Power supply: 110V-240V
Made in Italy entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel.


1 Year Warranty

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