Firechief 106-1157 Double Injection Moulded Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

SKU: 106-1157

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Height: 616mm

Width: 735mm

Depth: 270mm

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Product Details

Height: 616mm

Width: 735mm

Depth: 270mm

Internal Height: 520mm

Internal Width: 675mm

Internal Depth: 238mm

Supplied with extinguisher retaining strap

Totally weatherproof

Lightweight but strong

Available with alarm (please contact us for details)

5 Year Warranty

Extremely durable – this cabinet has been designed to withstand the rigours of the most harsh environment

Weight: 7.2kg

Material: Polypropylene, Nylon, Polycarbonate

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Firechief extinguisher cabinets are known for their extremely hard-wearing design. The injection moulded plastic is very robust making it suitable for the harshest environments including construction sites, HGV’s etc.

The Firechief brand is widely recognised and trusted by resellers and end-users alike. In the 12 years that Firechief extinguishers have been established in the UK fire market they have become synonymous with quality and reliability.